GEMS Event Management Australia is committed to minimising the environmental impact of all of our activities, while consciously creating positive outcomes for the communities in which we deliver our events. 


There a number of initiatives that can be undertaken to ensure the Conference is an environmentally sustainable event.  Please find below some of the actions we have initiated for previous conferences, however this is by no means a definitive list.  

Minimising Waste:

Use as little paper as possible by making the Conference Program, Speaker Abstracts and Biographies available through a Conference app.  Any print material required, e.g. Hard copy Conference Brochure to be mailed as part of the Marketing Plan, to be done on 100% Recycled and Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified Australian post-consumer waste. Cost implication: Use of Conference App.

No single use items to be used by the venue or distributed by Trade Show exhibitors i.e no bottled water, no single use plastic bags, no paper plates, no throwaway coffee cup.  You may provide delegates with a Keep Cup as part of their delegate kit, however we would then need to work with the venue to ensure the cups can be washed and dried after use.  Cost implication: allow $15 per delegate for a Keep Cup.

Don’t provide Conference Satchels – so many satchels end up in the back of our delegates wardrobes, garages or go straight into the bin.  If a Satchel is considered essential, we would then provide delegates with the opportunity to return their satchels at the end of the Conference, to be repurposed for use by a local school or not for profit organisation.

  • Monitor RSVP and attendance numbers to ensure supply is tailored to the numbers thereby avoiding waste.
  • Encourage the design of your event to be based around standard hire items with minimal construction or an approach that will not be useable in other situations.
  • Make informed purchasing decisions – research and prioritise supplies and equipment that support the use of recycled materials or has end-of life recycling potential
  • Reduce use of packaging material, or where required ensure the material is reused or recycled
  • Publish your commitment to the environment in marketing material and on the Conference Website
Minimising Other Resources:

  • Select a Conference venue that has a minimum 5-star NABERS Energy and Water Use Efficiency Rating and that offer 100% accredited Green Power
  • Select a Conference venue that has good access to public transport and provides space for delegates to securely store bicycles. Clearly convey information about public transport or walk/ride options on the invitation and on the Conference website.
  • Travel only with travel companies that have green policies and are active in their reduction of impacts on the environment
  • When considering a provider for air travel:
  1. Choose direct flights where possible;
  2. Consider the age of the aircraft (new aircraft are more efficient); 
  3. Fly economy class (business class has higher emissions per seat); 
  4. Choose airlines that are active in their green policy
  5. Offset your carbon emissions produced by the plane, boat or car where travel is essential. There are now over eighteen companies operating in Australia where you can offset your emissions (pay a fee calculated on the amount of carbon you will use). Only chose companies that offset your emissions by investing in renewable energy.
  • Select a Conference venue that takes food miles into account when purchasing produce and sources the majority of their produce from the Sydney basin.
  • Select a Conference venue Organise in advance for the collection of excess catering by OzHarvest for redistribution.
  • As an alternative to giving Speakers Gifts, use the funds to make a donation on Behalf of the Conference to a relevant Not for Profit e.g. Take 3 for the Sea or the Sea Turtle Foundation
GEMS will work with both the client and suppliers to ensure that environmental sustainability is at the forefront of the project plan upon appointment.


Over many years of managing conferences in major cities as well regional locations across Australia, our team has recognised the importance of generating a positive outcome for the communities within which we operate.

While the events we host may only be held for 1 – 5 days, there is a far-reaching impact of these events for local businesses and community groups and we endeavor to maximize that positive impact where possible.

Ways in which we can support the local communities, include:

  • Engaging local businesses for the production of speaker gifts that are made locally
  • Engaging local contractors and suppliers that support social responsibility practices within their own businesses and communities.
  • Supporting venues that are community focused that provide jobs and opportunities within their communities.
  • Offering delegates the opportunity to support local volunteer groups or, where appropriate, engage with industry related groups where their expertise could be greatly valued.

When we are engaged for an event and the destination has been announced. GEMS will work with the conference committee to identify ways in which the event can generate greater social and sustainable outcomes for the local community. 


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